Breaktime: Distractions

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Nyx stomped into the common room, her eyes ablaze. “Where is everybody!? I’m the only one on set!”

Her eyes fell onto Elmiryn at the computer. “Elle, what are you doing?”

Elmiryn didn’t even turn her head. “Huh? Oh. I’m playing Bioshock Infinite. Nyx you gotta see this. There’s this girl named Elizabeth, and she can—”

Nyx grit her teeth and turned her eyes toward the living room. There she saw Lethia, Quincy, and Hakeem all staring up at the widescreen television. “And what are you three doing??”

“Watching Legend of Korra,” Lethia said with a glance over her shoulder. “We hadn’t watched it yet. Omigosh, Nyx, it’s sooo—!”

Nyx pulled her hair. “You guys! We have an update to make! People are waiting!”

The girl nearly fell over at the chorused response she received.

“But we’re almost done!”

No, really guys! I’ll get back to it. I don’t know what happened this week. I got…well…distracted. 😛

–Illise Montoya

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